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Forthcoming ISE Sponsored Scientific Meetings


(chronological order)
Besides organizing its Annual Meeting, ISE regularly sponsors other scientific meetings in the field of electrochemistry.



Annual Belgian/Dutch Symposium of the KNCV Working Group on Electrochemistry
Date: 23 November 2018
Location: Groningen, The Netherlands
Sponsored by: EC
Contact: Marc Koper

5th Ertl Symposium on Catalytic and Adsorption Reactions in chemical ProcessEs

Date: 25-28 November 2018
Location: Gwangju, Korea
Sponsored by: Division 5
Contact: Jaeyoung Lee

Conference details:


13th PTAschool of Electrochemistry and 3rd workshop of electrochemistry: from sensing to energy conversion and storage
Date: 2-8 December 2018
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sponsored by: EC
Contact: Roberto M. Torresi
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2nd European Biosensor Symposium 2019

Date: 18-21 February 2019
Location: Firenze, Italy
Sponsored by: Division 2
Contact: Maria Minunni

Conference details:



16th Symposium on Modeling and Experimental Validation of Electrochemical Energy Technology
Date: 12-13 March 2019
Location: Braunschweig, Germany
Sponsored by: Division 3
Contact: Ulrike Krewer

Conference details:



Electrochemistry for symmetry breaking in molecules, materials & processes
Date: 20-23 May 2019
Location: Saint-Pierre d’Oléron, France
Sponsored by: EC
Contact: Alexander Kuhn

Conference details:

35th Swiss Electrochemistry Symposium: On the Role of Batteries in Future Energy Systems

Date: 22 May 2019
Location: Aarau, Switzerland
Sponsored by: Division 3
Contact: Petr Novak
Conference details:

XXV International Symposium on Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics
Date: 26-30 May 2019
Location: Limerick, Ireland
Sponsored by: Division 1, 2
Contact: Edmond Magner
Conference details:

7th Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry for South-East Europe
Date: 27-30 May 2019
Location: Split, Croatia
Sponsored by: EC
Contact: Marijana Kraljic Rokovic
Conference details:



3rd International Symposium on Anodizing Science and Technology
Date: 2-5 June 2019
Location: Awaji, Japan
Sponsored by: Division 4
Contact: Shinji Yae

Conference details:

11th International Symposium on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Date: 2-7 June 2019
Location:Lège-Cap-Ferret, near Bordeaux, France
Sponsored by: EC
Contact: Vincent Vivier

Conference details:

Workshop on Electrochemistry of Electroactive Materials-2019
Date: 16-21 June 2019
Location: Borovets, Bulgaria
Sponsored by: Division 5
Contact: Vessela Tsakova

Conference details:

First International Young Researchers Symposium on Applications of Electrochemical Technology
Date: 19-21 June 2019
Location: Santander, Spain
Sponsored by: Division 5
Contact: Ignacio Sirés Sadornil
Conference details:



Journées d’Electrochimie 2019
Date: 2-5 July 2019
Location: Toulouse, France
Sponsored by: EC
Contact: Pierre Gros
Conference details:


10th Workshop on SECM Recent Advances and Applications
Date: 29 September-3 October 2019
Location: Fontainebleau, France
Sponsored by: Division 1, 2
Contact: Fethi Bedioui
Conference details:



Date: 1-5 September 2019
Location: Awaji, Japan
Sponsored by: EC
Contact: Jiri Barek

Conference details: