ISE's Scientific and
Technological Activities
ISE serves both the individual and the scientific and technological community by:

Organization of an Annual Meeting and one or two Topical Meetings each year

The Annual ISE Meeting is a distinguished international scientific-technological congress held in a different country every year and is attended by several hundred electrochemists. At these meetings there is considerable emphasis on new developments in science and technology in areas such as electronics, new materials, hydrogen technology, sensor technology, energy storage and conversion, environmental technologies.

The Topical ISE Meeting are international scientific congresses focused on a single theme undergoing vigorous development, which does not overlap with that of the Annual Meeting held in the same year. They are normally attended by 100-300 electrochemists and are held in different continents from that of the Annual Meeting.

Sponsoring special meetings
ISE-sponsored meetings are international in character and their programmes are of the same high scientific quality as at the Annual Meetings

Publication of the scientific journal Electrochimica Acta
Electrochimica Acta, the official journal of ISE, is supplied to members at a special rate. At present it comprises over 8000 pages per year including several special issues. Information on the activities of ISE is published regularly in the journal.

ISE has several awards which are given regularly for outstanding contributions to electrochemical science and technology