Patrizio Gallone

Patrizio Gallone, President of ISE in 1979-80, passed away on 28 February 2001 at the age of 91 in the town of Bordighera where he had retired years ago.
"Laureato" in Physics at the University of Rome in 1937, Professor Gallone developed his activity in the field of applied research. His work is documented by various publications not only in electrochemistry, but also in electrotechnics and radiology.
For more than 20 years he worked in the "Oronzio De Nora-Electrochemical Plants" Company. He was not only Director of Research, but he also led important industrial projects, including the realization of some of the biggest electrochemical plants in the world.
Besides industrial applications of electrochemistry, Professor Gallone dealt also with problems of metal corrosion and cathodic protection. Since 1968 he was Lecturer of "Theory and Technique of Electrochemical Processes" in the Faculty of Engineering of Genoa University.
As a cultural legacy, Professor Gallone has left two books, very appreciated not only in his country but abroad as well: Principles of Electrochemical Processes (1970) and Treatise of Electrochemical Engineering (1973), both published by Tamburini (Milan, Italy). His election to the Presidency of ISE for the term 1979-80 testifies the recognition of the international community. During his biennial service, he operated actively to have the 1980 ISE Meeting organized in Italy (Venice): Chairman of the Organizing Committee was another regretted colleague, Professor Elio Vianello.
Professor Gallone was a man of great culture. I remember in particular (I was one of the organizers) the learned and moving commemoration he gave of Luigi Galvani (published in Electrochimica Acta 1986, 31, 1485) in Bologna in 1986 at the Academy of Sciences in the very same hall where the renowned scientist had reported, exactly 200 years before, his famous observations with frogs.
With Professor Gallone's death electrochemistry loses one of the major experts of engineering and technological processes.

Sergio Trasatti, Milan