Alejandro J. Arvia

Alejandro J. Arvia received thePergamon Electrochimica Acta Gold Medal for his outstanding contributions to the study of adsorption and electrodeposition, especially on precious-metal electrodes.

Born in La Plata, Argentina, January 14th, 1928.
Doctor in Chemistry, University of La Plata, 1952.
Venia Docenti in Physical Chemistry, 1954.

Associate Researcher, Chemistry Department, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA, 1956-1957; Assistant Professor, University of La Plata, 1957; Member of the Research Career of the National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET), 1962-1998;
Professor, University of Buenos Aires, 1958-1960; Professor, University of La Plata, 1958-1990.

Director of INIFTA, since 1975.

Visiting Professorships at universities in America and Europe.

Awards: "Ten Outstanding Juniors", Buenos Aires, 1965; "National Chemistry Prize", 1969; Argentine Scientific Prize, 1973; "Science Award", Province of Buenos Aires, 1975; "J.J.J. Kyle" Award, Argentine Chemical Society, 1983; "Konex Award", Science and Technology, 1983; "J. Heyrovsky Medal" (distinguished scientist at the 41st ISE Meeting), 1990; "H. J. Schumacher" Award, Argentine Chemical Society, 1990. "Bunge y Born Prize" in Chemistry 1994 (shared), "TWAS 1997 Medal Lecture" in Chemistry.

Honorary distinctions: Full Member of the National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, Argentina; Full Titular Member of the Latin American Academy of Sciences; "Chevalier of the Order des Palmes Academiques", French Government, 1985; Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences; Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Canary Islands; Honorary Professor at the University of Córdoba, Argentina; Professor "honoris causa" by the Catholic University of Valparaíso, Chile; Honorary Professor at the University of Tucuman, Argentina; Doctor "honoris causa" by the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, Spain. Emeritus Professor, University of La Plata, Argentina.

Vice President of the International Society of Electrochemistry.
Member of the Bureau of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
President of the Research Commision (CIC), Province of Buenos Aires.
Member of the Board of the Argentine National Research Council.
Founder and President of the Argentine Physical Chemistry Society.
Founder (organizer) of Latin American and Ibero American Electrochemical Meetings.
President of the International Society of Electrochemistry.
Vice President and Member of the Bureau of the Third World Academy of Sciences.

Research work in the field of Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Surface Chemistry. Specific areas: Molten salt electrochemistry, ionic mass transport, electrochemical kinetics in aqueous and non-aqueous environments at solid surfaces, application of nanoscopies to different electrochemical problems related to metal corrosion, corrosion inhibition and passivation, dynamics of solid surfaces, and electrode roughness.

Director of about 90 PhD theses submitted to Argentine, Latin American and Spanish Universities.
Author/coauthor of various scientific books and chapters.
Author/coauthor of over 700 scientific articles published in international scientific Journals.