The International Society of Electrochemistry
was founded in 1949 by leading European and American Electrochemists to serve the growing needs of electrochemistry in becoming a modern scientific discipline. At that time only a handful of experts were assembled in the original CITCE (Comité International de Thermodynamique et Cinétique Electrochimiques). Since then the association has evolved and now comprises about 3000 individual members and more than 20 Corporate Members (teaching institutions, non-profit-making research organizations and learned societies) and Corporate Sustaining Members (industrial and commercial organizations). Its membership comes from more than 70 countries and is organized in over 40 regional sections. Both industrialized and developing countries from all five continents are represented. ISE is, therefore, a truly world-wide organization. ISE is a non-profit-making organization with its seat in Lausanne, Switzerland.

ISE is an Associated Organisation of IUPAC. Website of the IUPAC Electrochemistry Commission

ISE's objectives
  • to advance electrochemical science and technology
  • to disseminate scientific and technological knowledge
  • to promote international cooperation in electrochemistry
  • to maintain a high professional standard among its members

ISE's Scientific and Technological Activities
ISE serves both the individual and the scientific and technological community by:

The organization of an Annual Meeting and of Topical Meetings
The Annual ISE Meeting is a distinguished international scientific-technological congress held in a different country every year and is attended by several hundred electrochemists. At these meetings there is considerable emphasis on new developments in science and technology in areas such as electronics, new materials, hydrogen technology, sensor technology, energy storage and conversion, environmental technologies.

The Topical ISE Meetings are an international scientific congresses focused on a single theme undergoing vigorous development, which does not overlap with that of the Annual Meeting held in the same year. They are normally attended by 100-200 electrochemists and are held in a different continent from that of the Annual Meeting.

Sponsoring special meetings
ISE-sponsored meetings are international in character and the programmes are of the same high scientific quality as at the Annual Meetings

Publication of the scientific journal Electrochimica Acta
Electrochimica Acta, the official journal of ISE, is supplied to members at a special rate. At present it comprises over 20'000 pages per year including several special issues. Information on the activities of ISE is published regularly in the journal.

ISE has several awards which are given regularly for outstanding contributions to electrochemical science and technology

An Executive Committee, periodically elected by all members, is entrusted with the management of ISE. The ISE Office located in Lausanne, Switzerland performs all administrative tasks relating to the operation of the Society. Executive Committee and ISE Office are assisted and coordinated by an Executive Secretary. The Regional Representatives together with the Division Officers form the Council which supervises the Executive Committee. Information on the activities of the Society is regularly published in Electrochimica Acta and on these pages.
The scientific activities of ISE are grouped into seven
Scientific Divisions. The divisions are headed by a chairperson assisted by two co-chairpersons responsible for implementing the scientific programme of the meetings of the Society.

Society Rules & Guidelines
More information on the structure and operation of ISE can be found in the section Rules & Guidelines.

Cooperation with other Societies
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