The Society may appoint a few of its individual Members as ISE Fellows in recognition of their scientific or technical contributions to the field of electrochemistry. Such ISE fellows are selected by the Executive Committee, upon recommendation by the Fellows Nominating Committee, after consultation with the Council. The appointment does not carry with it automatic life-time membership of ISE.

The present Fellows of ISE are:
H. Abruña
R. Adzic
R. Alkire
Ph. Allongue
C. Amatore
D. Aurbach
P. Bartlett
R. J. Behm
A. Bond
E. Cairns
A. Chen
C. Comninellis
R. Compton
S. Cosnier
P. Delahay
C. Fan
W.R. Fawcett
J. Feliu
C. Gabrielli
E. Gileadi
H. Girault
J. Gooding
L. Gorton
R. Guidelli
P. Hapiot
J. Heinze
R. Hillman
B.J. Hwang
G. Inzelt
K. Itaya
Y. Ito
H. Ju
A. Jutand
T. Kakiuchi
A. Karyakin
H. Kim
M. Koper
A. Kornyshev
C. Lamy
O. Lev
J. Lipkowski
D. Macdonald
D. Mandler
P. Marcus
R.A. Marcus
N. Markovic
J. McBreen
R. McCreery
R. Nichols
P. Novak
T. Osaka
M. Osawa
S. Passerini
Z. Samec
R. Savinell
E. Savinova
D. Schiffrin
W. Schmickler
P. Schmuki
F. Scholz
W. Schuhmann
B. Scrosati
A. Shukla
P. Simon
U. Stimming
S. Sun
Z. Tian
J. Ulstrup
P. Unwin
K. Uosaki
C. Vayenas
A. Walcarius
Li-Jun Wan
M. Watanabe
A. Wieckowski
G. Wilson
M. Winter
J. Zagal
J. Zhang

"ISE Fellow'" is a category of membership conferred upon an individual in recognition of her/his continuing outstanding scientific and/or technical achievement within the field of electrochemistry. ISE Fellow candidates must be fully active in research and must have made significant contributions to electrochemistry in the last few years. This recognition should be limited to a small fraction of the active membership (approx. 5%). Fellowship should not be granted for political or administrative service; Honorary Membership provides the means of recognizing such contributions to the Society.

Division Officers, Regional Representatives, as well as all other ISE members, are encouraged to nominate candidates for ISE Fellows. The nominees must be still fully active in research; the scientific quality of their recent work will be evaluated by the FNC. Nominations should consist of the following items:

  1. a short (typically 1 page) summary of the nominee's achievements;
  2. a CV of the nominee;
  3. a list of 10 papers authored by the nominee (5 of these papers must have been published in the last 10 years; the other papers may have been published at any time, including the last 10 years);
  4. three letters of support (these letters must originate from members in good standing who are not at the same institution as the nominee);
  5. a statement from the nominees that they accept the nomination.

Candidates may not nominate themselves. Only one nomination per candidate will be considered. Nominations must be uploaded via the Submission Site. The nominations received by 1st of December are forwarded to the Fellows Nomination Committee (FNC) to select candidates by 28th of February for approval by the EC at the following Spring Meeting. Fellows would then be inducted at the Annual Meeting of that same year.

The members of the FNC appointed by the EC serve for a five-year term and represent a wide range of scientific interests linked to electrochemical science and technology.
The Fellows Nominating Committee is a standing committee which proposes names to the Executive Committee for the title of ISE Fellow. It normally consists of 5 members including the chairperson. In the year 2016, the FNC consist of 6 members, to allow a change in its operation mode.

Members of the Fellows Nominating Committee
Digby Macdonald, University of California at Berkeley, USA (2012-2016) Past Chair in 2017
Alan Bond, Monash University, Australia (2013-2017) Chair in 2017
Takashi Kakiuchi, Kyoto University, Japan (2014-2018)
Richard Compton, Oxford University, UK (2015-2019)
Elena Savinova, Strasbourg University, France (2016-2020)
Hasuck Kim, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, Korea (2017-2021)