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Frumkin Medal


The Frumkin Medal is awarded every two years to an individual in recognition of the outstanding life time contribution to the field of fundamental electrochemistry.


Rules for the Frumkin Medal

SUBMISSION OF AWARD NOMINATION: All correspondence, whether by mail or email and including that for awards joint between ISE and other societies, should be sent to the ISE Office.Unsuccessful candidates can be re-nominated in a subsequent year.


To commemorate and honour the late Professor Alexander N. Frumkin and his many contributions to science, particularly to the field of fundamental electrochemistry, the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) has established the "Frumkin Memorial Medal". The award is funded by ISE dedicated funds based on original donation of Professor E.G. Perevalova-Frumkin.


The Medal may be awarded every two years to recognise an outstanding contribution of a living individual over his/her life to the field of fundamental electrochemistry.


The award consists of a medal, a certificate and assistance for travel so as to enable the winner to attend the annual ISE Meeting where the award is presented.


Candidates for the award may be proposed by institutes, university departments, and ISE members. Nominations are solicited by ISE in its publications and web site. The nomination should be justified by a text consisting of no more than 1000 words giving details of the candidate’s contribution. Nominations should be uploaded via the Submission Site ( and should be accompanied by at least two letters supporting the nomination. All uploaded documents must be in PDF format.


The winner is expected to give a plenary lecture at the ISE Meeting at which the award is presented. ISE will pay for his/her registration and banquet fees.


The Award Selection Committee consists of five persons nominated by the Executive Committee. The Selection Committee members elect the chairperson.


The Executive Committee of ISE can approve or reject the recommendation of the Award Selection Committee. In the latter case, the Selection Committee will be dissolved, and a new Selection Committee appointed for the award to be given in the following year.

Award is closed


Previous winners

R. Parsons (2000), L. Krishtalik (2001), S. Trasatti (2003), B. Damaskin (2005), J. Clavilier (2007), O. Petrii (2009), D. Kolb (2011), D. Macdonald (2013), Y. Pleskov (2015), D. Aurbach (2017), H. Abruna (2019), J. Lipkowski (2021).