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What is an ISE sponsored meeting?
You may have noticed that scientific meetings in the field of electrochemistry are often labelled "ISE sponsored Meeting". What does this mean?
In addition to organizing its own meetings, such as the Annual and Topical Meetings, ISE may sponsor other international scientific meetings in the area of electrochemistry. ISE sponsorship is intended to be a sign of quality for the meeting.

What are the requirements for ISE sponsorship?
ISE requires that the scientific quality of the meeting reaches the standard of its own meetings. It is desirable that the advisory board consists of ISE members, as far as possible. The meeting must be open to all ISE members.

Who decides?
The decision is normally taken by the officers of the ISE Division in whose field of interest the topic of the meeting lies. ISE Division Officers should be involved in the organisation of the meeting. The ISE Executive Committee decides on the sponsorship for meetings of general interest.

What are the obligations of the organizers?
The organizers have to publicise the ISE sponsorship in all the official documents related to the meeting (announcements, program, website etc.). They are expected to create a link between the website of their meeting and the ISE website ( At the meeting, a representative of ISE must be allowed to say a few words on behalf of the Society, and ISE must have the opportunity to advertise. After the meeting, the organizers should submit a short report to ISE to be published on the ISE website.

What do the organizers receive from ISE?
ISE publishes announcements and reports of ISE sponsored meetings on its website. The ISE Office can organize, free of charge, mailings to all, or a group of, ISE members. In appropriate cases, there may be a special issue of Electrochimica Acta associated with these meetings. Decisions about special issues are made by the Editor-in-Chief.

What about money?
ISE sponsorship of a meeting does not usually include a financial contribution from ISE. However, the sponsoring Division(s) may use its funds to support such a meeting. The level of financial contribution will be determined by the Division(s), but a typical sum may be 500 Euros.

How to apply for ISE sponsorship?
If you would like to have the scientific meeting you are organizing sponsored by ISE, please send an e-mail to the ISE Office, at least one year in advance of the time of the meeting, and attach a completely filled in sponsor request form (link on top of this page). If there is an ISE Regional Section in the country where the meeting is organized, you are expected to contact the Regional Representative and ask him to sponsor your application. The Regional Representative may decide to provide additional financial support to your meeting, if funds are available to the local Section.

Who decides about sponsorship?
The decision will be taken by the Officers of the sponsoring Division(s), or by the Executive Committee, and the ISE Office will inform the applicant.

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International Society of Electrochemistry
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