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Organisational Chart

Executive Commitee

Regional Representatives

Division Officers

Scientific Meeting Committee

Chart of ISE bodies

The chart below shows the various bodies, committies,
and offices in charge of the operation of ISE.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is entrusted with the management of the Society

ISE Office
The ISE Office performs all administrative tasks related to the operation of the Society. It is located in Switzerland, and managed by an Executive Secretary.
The ISE Office serves as the primary contact for members and non-members

Division Officers
The scientific activities of ISE are grouped into seven Scientific Divisions and a New Topics Committee. The Divisions are headed by a Chairperson assisted by a past Chair, a Chair Elect and two Vice Chairs. Their role is to promote and represent the scientific interests of the division and its members, for example through contributing to the organization of Annual, Spring and other Society meetings.
Guidelines for Division Officers
List of Division Officers

Committee of
Regional Representatives
Regional Representatives are the primary contact between the Society and the local electrochemical community in each Region, defined as a country or a group of neighbouring countries whose members wish to act as a group. In the latter instance, this may enable them to achieve critical mass for scientific and other purposes.
Guidelines for Regional Representatives
List of Regional Representatives

The ISE Council is an Advisory Body. The voting members of the Council consist of three Officers from each Division and all the Regional Representatives.All persons constituing the Council are elected by the members of the Society.

Scientific Meetings Committee
The Scientific Meetings Committee plans and oversees the organization and sponsorship of scientific meetings within the broad field of electrochemistry.

Fellows Nominating Committee 
The Fellows Nominating Committee is a standing committee which proposes names to the Executive Committee for the title of ISE Fellow. It is also responsible for identifying candidates for honorary membership.

Publications Committee
The Publication Committee, a standing committee of ISE, acts as an advisory board to the Executive Committee on publication matters
International Society of Electrochemistry

International Society of Electrochemistry
International Society
of Electrochemistry