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Division 1

(2014 mid-term)
Experimental and theoretical aspects of the analytical process in which electrochemistry has a role, including sample collection / processing, separation, and species identification and quantitation.
Chair: A. Downard
Past Chair: A. Bond
Chair Elect: F. Bedioui
Vice-Chairs: P. Baker and D. Mandler

Division 2
(2014 mid-term)
Aspects of electrochemistry and electroanalysis characterizing biological processes at the molecular level and relevant to the mechanisms of biological regulation of cells.
Chair: W. Shin
Past Chair: A. Kuhn
Chair Elect: R. Bilewicz
Vice-Chairs: E. Ferapontova and D. Arrigan

Division 3
(2014 mid-term)
Experimental and theoretical aspects of electrochemistry in which the goal is the interconversion of energy between different forms or the storage of energy, including the processes themselves and materials used for these purposes.
Chair: D. Jones
Past Chair: E. Frackowiak
Chair Elect: S. Passerini
Vice-Chairs: R. Kostecki and H. Uchida

Division 4
(2013 mid-term)
Aspects of materials science in which electrochemistry is part of the synthesis, processing, surface treatment, corrosion, characterization or modelling of new or existing materials, or in which electrochemistry is the user of such materials.
Chair: M. Ryan
Past Chair: P. Schmuki
Chair Elect: S. Brankovic
Vice-Chairs: Mikhail Vorotyntsev, Shinji Fujimoto

Division 5
(2014 mid-term)
Experimental and theoretical aspects and applications of electrochemistry in which engineering issues play a significant role, including scale-up and reactor design.
Chair: F. Lapicque
Past Chair: T. Homma
Chair Elect: J. Peralta-Hernandez
Vice-Chairs: Karel Bouzek and G. Zangari

Division 6
(2014 mid-term)
Structural and mechanistic aspects of electrode processes of inorganic, metallorganic and organic substances; synthetic applications.
Chair: M. Goulart
Past Chair: J. Ludvik
Chair Elect: F. Paolucci
Vice-Chairs: J. Wadhawan and C. Frontana

Division 7
(2014 mid-term)
Experimental, theoretical and computational aspects of electrochemistry, alone or in conjunction with other methods, relevant to interfaces and conductive media; this shall include physicochemical nature, structure and dynamics from the molecular to the macroscopic level.
Chair: M. Eikerling
Past Chair: E. Savinova
Chair Elect: A. Russell
Vice-Chairs: J. Lee and J. Rossmeisl

In addition to the Divisions ISE shall have a New Topics Committee:
New Topics Committee
The New Topics Committee identifies interesting and relevant scientific and technological subjects not covered by the ISE Divisions. It has tasks similar to those of a Division, except that it may have several and changing technical priorities
Chair: T. Jacob
Past Chair: H. Abruña
Chair-Elect: P. Unwin

International Society of Electrochemistry

International Society of Electrochemistry
International Society
of Electrochemistry

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